Medical Educator

Dr. Zheng is an award winning medical educator who has trained thousands of students and professors. As an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California San Diego and the University of California Riverside, she has provided bedside teaching to medical students and residents. She chaired one of the largest teamwork exercises for medical, nursing, and pharmacy students in the U.S. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the San Diego Union Tribune has showcased her work on teaching effective communication skills to prevent medical errors. Actors acting as patients with pneumonia, heart failure, or heart attack symptoms would present to the clinic and students had to work together to transfer them to the emergency department, where they can be safely treated.

Dr. Zheng led a team of educators from medicine, nursing, and pharmacy to plan one of the largest teamwork exercise in the country.

Students worked together to care for an actor who was transferred from the clinic to the simulated emergency department.

PA Program Medical Director

Dr. Zheng is the Medical Director of the Point Loma Nazarene University Physician Assistant Program where she is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum is consistent with standards of care. She has taught professors on teaching theory and simulation methodology.

Special Topics

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